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Hi Dave,

While checking some confirmed eQSLs in DXK the other day I clicked to
display the card from 9w2rzl (which has been confirmed) and it came up not
found. Going to the eQSL folder I found I have a bunch of confirmations
stored as MHTML documents, all the others are jpeg's. I am wondering how
this bunch got there. (they will display the card by double clicking the
file) Is it something I have done/not done?? I usually initially display the
cards by clicking display on the eQSL website.

I wasn't aware that eQSL was responding to requests for QSL images using
MHTML instead of JPEG. Rich W3ZJ, can you shed light on this?

While talking eQSL, I am still confused with the double negative statement,
"Don't upload QSO's whose station callsign isn't the specified Username"
My eQSL Username is ZL4DX, under which I have 4 accounts, 2 of which have
the callsign ZL2DZ, all in the same DXK log. While using ZL4DX I am still
occasionally entering up old logs.

The grammatically-challenged "Don't upload QSO's whose station callsign
isn't the specified Username" may no longer be correct given the the
subsequently added support for eQSL Nicknames. Rich, can you confirm this?

Should the DXK QTHID be changed when uploading?
Where should I look to find QTH Nickname? (I can't remember if I entered one
or not)

If you have defined Nicknames in eQSL, then each QSO you upload to eQSL
should be uploaded with the appropriate Nickname specified. You can do this

1. specifying a "QTH Nickname" on the "QSL Configuration" window's eQSL tab


2. checking the "Use each QSO's myQTHID as its QTH Nickname when uploading
or exporting" box on the the "QSL Configuration" window's eQSL tab (assuming
you've defined and assigned myQTHIDs that match the Nicknames you've defined
in eQSL)


Dave, AA6YQ

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