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When your rig is in FSK mode it does not accept audio input; the modulation input to a radio in FSK mode must be in the form of an on-off keying signal supplied to the radio's FSK input. You can control PTT (TX/RX switching) via CAT, but it is not possible to key FSK via the CAT serial port. Your KAM Plus TNC had a separate FSK keying output, but if you are not using the TNC, you will need some other means of providing the FSK keying signal. The SignaLink does not supply such a keying output, i.e. it does not support FSK. The "standard" way of keying FSK from MMTTY is using a separate serial port via a keying circuit (e.g. a one-transistor switch).

Rich VE3KI

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I made a mis-statement in my post below. I am keying the rig via CAT and just using the interface to get audio to the rig.


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I was having this trouble a week or two ago and still haven't resolved the problem.

Until recently I ran RTTY on my Icom 746Pro with a Kantronics KAM PLUS TNC set up for FSK keying. The TNC alway gave me intermittent problems so I decide to switch to WinWarbler's MTTY engine for transmit. I am using a Tigertronics Signalink USB interface for keying the transmitter via the 6-pin data port.

I cannot seem to find a WW setup that works properly. With WW set up to put the rig in RTTY mode I can key the rig and hear the audio but only get a carrier. No other tones.

If I switch the settings to LSB Digital I can apparently key the rig, but hear no tones in my speaker. It appears that unless I set the rig up in RTTY mode only the wide filter is usable. The narrower filters are not centered around the mark and space indicator lines in WW. What am I doing wrong?

Mark WC5M

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