Re: begin and end times flashing red



You may want to start by checking your computer clock. Your message was time stamped 02:59 AM 1/1/2000... nearly 11 years ago! I suspect DXKeeper doesn't understand the time of a QSO being later than the current system time.

Paul N1BUG

Steve wrote:

When I open DXKeeper, the "begin" and "end" labels for the time of the
last QSO are flashing red. DXKeeper wants me to make corrections to the
last log entry before allowing me to navigate to other QSO's in the log.
The begin and end times are the same for the last log entry:
12/19/2010 14:31
I imported a batch of Stew Perry Top Band contest QSO's from N1MMLogger.
I didn't see this error at the time, but it could have been there and I
didn't notice it. Since the import, I upgraded to DXKeeper 9.1.9.
Advice as to how to fix this?
Steve K8JQ

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