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It's Christmas and a holiday, even for you!! No more DXLab stuff today, only
the gift of Family Joys! Time to take a break!

All your hard work is greatly appreciated by the members of this forum and
users of your WONDERFUL product. I'm sure that everyone agrees it is time
for a well deserved break!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and THANK YOU!

To all on this forum; May you have a very Happy Holiday - Merry Christmas,
what ever and how ever you celebrate!

Mike W9RUK

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From: Dave
Date: 12/25/2010 05:46:45
Subject: [dxlab] Commander 8.8.5 is available

This release

- provides PKT/Data-L and PKT-R/Data-U options in the "RTTY mode if no
Digital Mode Application" panel on the Configuration window's Bandspread tab
(tnx to Joe W4TV)

- provides a "Transceiver firmware can report split" option for the Icom
7800 that when enabled polls the transceiver for changes in split status
(tnx to Ken K4XL)

- when the primary transceiver is an Icom 7800, accepts CW transmission
commands from WinWarbler and other applications

- updates the Configuration.htm documentation file

Note: both of the above new Icom 7800 capabilities require firmware release
2.30, now available via


Commander 8.8.5 is available via the DXLab Launcher and via



Dave, AA6YQ

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