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I emailed Alex direct and asked if that might be the case.... and if so, what he might suggest. I'm waiting for a reply, but it hardly seems reasonable to expect one very soon what with Christmas and all. Not much DX around today, so I went ahead and manually posted my log one entity at a time. I think it now agrees with the DXCC summary sheet they sent me for the last submission, but I'll be doing a final check to be sure. Concerning DXCred, I can't be the only one with an account number other than #1, so once Alex has a chance to consider an adjustment maybe some good will come from this after all.

As always, I truly appreciate all you do for me and the huge crew of DXLab users, Dave. Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. I sure hope Wayland doesn't get all the snow from the coming storm. My sister down in Plymouth will probably get it all....8^)

73 and Peace, Jerry K3BZ

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AA6YQ comments below
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I understand now and agree... I was assuming a match = a credit because I
sent them my credit card to charge for whatever matches were available for
credit. There were a lot of them....LotW fees totaled over $50.... so I
can't understand why DXCred finds zip, unless it's that Account # thing.

I just checked the "DXCC Credit Importer" source code; its hardwired to
look at account #1. That's why it doesn't work for you, Jerry.


Dave, AA6YQ


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