Re: Problems with LOTW

Rick Murphy <k1mu@...>

On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 7:12 PM, Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:
"DXCC Credit Importer" is hardwired to look for credits in your DXCC
account #1. While this works for many users, it won't work for all users,
which is why DXKeeper lets you specify your DXCC account # in the "Log
Settings" panel on the Configuration window's Log tab.
I've figured that out from other messages on the group. My QSOs are in
account #2 so I can't download using the importer.

When this is fixed, I'll check the QSOs exported, but I suspect it's
mishandling pre-computerization QSLs. (If it exports anything for
those, I don't know what it's exporting as only the entity is valid.)
Rick Murphy, CISSP-ISSAP, K1MU/4, Annandale VA USA

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