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On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 5:53 PM, Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:
One approach you could take is to pick a representative QSO where the
ARRL information appears to be incorrect, call up the DXCC desk, and get
down to bare metal with them on this particular QSO. Hopefully what you
learn from that example will shed light on the other "unexpected" data
ARRL isn't creating the ADIF, the "Credit Importer" is. That's where
questions should go.

For example, when you have QSOs in your DXCC record that were added
pre-computerization, there's no callsign, date, etc.
They'll show up on the LoTW site as just an entity number. For
example, my DXCC-M (mixed) for Andorra shows "400" rather than a
If I click on that link, here's what it displays:

Worked Station
Worked 203
Date 1945-11-15

The date is clearly bogus (as it's prior to me being born!).
Since this is DXCC mixed, ARRL doesn't have a mode or a band listed.
Clearly, this can't match my log.

I tried to run the importer to look at the resulting ADIF to see how
these are represented, but it nicely processes the ARRL data and tells
me "0 credits found" and doesn't write an ADIF file.

I'm able to browse the records on the LoTW site OK, so this doesn't
appear to be any problem at LoTW.

"DXCC Credit Importer" is hardwired to look for credits in your DXCC
account #1. While this works for many users, it won't work for all users,
which is why DXKeeper lets you specify your DXCC account # in the "Log
Settings" panel on the Configuration window's Log tab.


Dave, AA6YQ

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