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Magic, Dave! I just upgraded my version of dxview to 1.2.6, and now
it works perfectly with PropView. Thanks!
Robin gw3zcf

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To get full interoperability between DXView and PropView, you
be running DXView 1.2.6 -- sorry for not making this explicit.


Dave, AA6YQ

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PathView does access the prefix database in DXView. All you should
need to do is have both programs running and when you lookup a
prefix in DXView the resulting Lat/Lon information automatically
appears in PathView. If yours is not doing this then perhaps there
is some problem.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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Hi Dave,
Have just started using PropView and it seems to work
well at this
QTH. What would make it very quick to use would be the
ability to
use Country prefixes instead of Latitude and Longitude.
All of that
information must exist already in there any
way in which
PropView could access that database?
Robin gw3zcf

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