Re: discussion of DXView and DXKeeper with KB2VNB

Dave Bernstein <dhb@...>

I like the simplifying aspect of this proposal -- it eliminates the ?
button to the left of the callsign. The Lookup button would do
everything. But it does mean that every "Lookup" will result in the
full DXKeeper window popping up. For those with smaller screens,
having to iconify it after every lookup may become tiresome.

I could create an configuration setting called "check for previous
QSOs on Lookup", which would let us have our cake and eat it too.


Any reaction to the Start button change released last nite in 119?


Dave, AA6YQ

--- In dxlab@y..., "Richard B Drake" <rich@w...> wrote:
I have found that I run both DXView and
DXkeeper together all
of the
time. When I hear a DX station I type the call sign in
DXKeeper hit
then look over to DXView to see where the station is.
Then I either
pass on
the QSO or try to make contact.
I use it that way also Dave. I assume you meant that you type the
callsign into the capture window and hit enter. I would still like
to see it do one more thing when you hit enter on a callsign in
the capture window and that is to automatically do a lookup for
previous QSO's with the station. I really like it when I call a
station and he immediately knows my name from a QSO we had last
year and I like to do the same. The present functionality where
you have to click on the question mark to get the lookup is too
slow. I like to see it immediately.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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