Re: discussion of DXView and DXKeeper with KB2VNB

Richard B Drake

I have found that I run both DXView and
DXkeeper together all
of the
time. When I hear a DX station I type the call sign in
DXKeeper hit
then look over to DXView to see where the station is.
Then I either
pass on
the QSO or try to make contact.
I use it that way also Dave. I assume you meant that you type the
callsign into the capture window and hit enter. I would still like
to see it do one more thing when you hit enter on a callsign in
the capture window and that is to automatically do a lookup for
previous QSO's with the station. I really like it when I call a
station and he immediately knows my name from a QSO we had last
year and I like to do the same. The present functionality where
you have to click on the question mark to get the lookup is too
slow. I like to see it immediately.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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