Re: Moving DXLab from Win 7 x86 to Win 7 64 bit Computer

Dave AA6YQ

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I have a new computer for my hamshack that runs Win 7 64 bit OS. The old hamshack computer was running Win 7 32 bit OS.

I have completely reinstalled the DXLab apps on the new computer. I have backed up the DXLab registry and DXKeeper log files on the old computer.

What is the recommended procedure to move the contact log file to the new computer?

You'll find the procedure for doing this in

Is it possible to import the registry settings to the new computer so that I don't have to reconfigure everything?

If DXLab is installed in the same folder on both PCs, e.g.

then when you restore the saved Workspace in step 6 of the above procedure there will be no further configuration required. If DXLab on your new PC is installed in a different folder than it is on your old PC, you'll have to modify each setting that contains a pathname, for example the "Log pathname" that specifies the location of the current Log file on the Log tab of DXKeeper's Config window.

Dave, AA6YQ

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