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Thanks, Dave. That gave me exactly what I was looking for!

Have a Happy 4th!


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According to "Add Needed" for DXCC, I have 55 Direct QSLs to send. Is there a way to filter the QSL list so that I can send only to new entities now, and then at a later date send QSLs for new bands, and then new band/modes?

1. If SpotCollector is running, terminate it

2. On the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Config window, temporarily uncheck all the boxes in the "DXCC/Toplist Bands & Modes" panel

3. run the "Add Needed" function; only QSOs with new entities will be added to the QSL Queue

4. restore the "DXCC/Toplist Bands & Modes" panel to its original setup

The reason for terminating SpotCollector is that any new spots arriving between steps 2 and 3 that are needed for new entity-bands or entity-modes would be incorrectly flagged as not needed. When you restart SpotCollector, a SH/DX/100 issued to one or more spot sources will capture any spots that were made during that interval, and flag their need correctly.

Dave, AA6YQ

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