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I6KZR <i6kzr@...>

Hi Rick
Many thanks for the infos but it's very important to know that I create
only the database for DXView from the list edited by Robert HB9BZA.
Robert warns that this list is extremely valuable an as some operators
help him to add calls in te list on the contrary those who wish to
remove their calls are welcome:
see the "How to help" at

The problem exists because ARRL do not publish the LoTW members list.


Renzo, I6KZR

Il 05/04/2010 23.37, Rick ha scritto:

I have a question for you, please. This list is extremely valuable.
However, there are quite a number of operators whose calls are on the list
who tell me that they DID use LOTW a LONG time ago but do not now and do not
intend to do so in the future. Is there a procedure for "freshening" the
list -- for removing calls which have not been active for some period of
time? Or, once a callsign is on the list does it remain forever?



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Hi Dave,

I have just uploaded an updated LoTW user list database, now it is at:

32,931 calls in 333 current countries - updated on 02-APR-2010


Renzo, I6KZR

P.S.:Please note this is not an official list, as the ARRL never
considered releasing such a list as useful. This is a compilation of
information from many sources, including the DX-Cluster, DX bulletins,
WEB sites and files received from other LoTW users. If you would like
help making this list even bigger, then your list of callsigns you got
LoTW credits from is very welcome, see the "How to help" at



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