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Rick Arzadon - N8XI

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On Apr 4, 2010, at 09:48:25, Rick wrote:

+++ N8XI Replies

I tried to take one of the calls and change the
Station_Callsign to WA8RXI, LoTW_Sent=R and LoTW_RCVD=blank.
Then tried an ADD REQUESTED, it would NOT pick up any calls in the requested

But, If I changed the Station_Call back to N8XI it would
pick the one call with LoTW_Sent=R.

On the "QSL Config" window's LotW tab, do you ahve "Limit Add and Sync operations to this station callsign" set to N8XI?
+++ Yes, it is set to N8XI
Right there is your problem.

As Rich pointed out, you don't need to re-upload those 348 QSOs to LotW.
You need to change their station callsign to WA8RXI (backup your log before
using the Advanced window's "Modify QSOs" panel to do this) and then depress
the CTRL key while clicking "Sync LotW QSOs".

+++ I understand, the QSOs are already at LoTW.
I have backed up my log.
But, only changed 5 QSOs to reflect the WA8RXI station callsign,
as an experiment. Same results, so far. Will keep trying the Sync_LoTW_QSOs button every so often...
But you said the box was checked to "Limit Add and Sync operations to this station callsign" and the callsign is N8XI. Therefore, it's not going to add or sync QSOs from the WA8RXI station callsign.

I have three callsigns represented at LotW. I have the "limit" box unchecked, so whenever I do an "Add Requested" or "Sync QSOs" it will cover uploads from any of the three.

Uncheck that box, and see if you don't get the results you're seeking.

John K8AJS
Correct, I changed
"Limit Add and Sync operations to this station callsign"
from N8XI to WA8RXI and all is well

73, Rick - N8XI

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