Re: LoTW_Sent = U

Rick Arzadon - N8XI

Dave, Rich, John, et al
Your first suggestion of changing the Station_Callsign
to my previous call for the 348 QSOs was the first thing
I needed to do.
And the final piece that you provided:
DXK >>> QSL tab >>> QSL Config >>> Options
'Limit Add and Sync WA8RXI resulted in
LoTW_Sent=Y and LoTW_RCVD=R.

With the info all of you have provided and the addition
Station_Callsign column now included in excel I should have
NO trouble with getting paper logs into DXK and uploaded to LoTW.

A very sincere Thanks!

73, Rick - N8XI

--- In dxlab@..., "Rick" <n8xi_1@...> wrote:

Imported my excel spreadsheet to DXK.
Uploaded the 350 QSO's to LoTW and the LoTW_Sent = U.
Even after several Sync LoTW QSO's.

Checked LoTW >>> Your QSO's >>> Starting/Ending Date.
They seem to all be there. Some have even QSL'ed.
LoTW_SENT stays at U and LoTW_RCVD stays at R.

Thought it was because the Freq and PROP_MODE was not set on my initial upload so I went into DXK Advanced and changed those.
Here are the results LoTW >> My Account tab >> Your Activity.

03-29 was without Freq & PROP_MODE.
03-30 is with...

2010-03-29 15:19:10 LOTW_QSO: QSO record QSLs a contact
2010-03-29 15:19:10 LOTW_QSO: QSO: WA8RXI K3WWP 1995-11-05 14:38:00Z 40M CW
2010-03-29 15:19:10 LOTW_QSO: [Additional QSL notices suppressed]
2010-03-29 15:19:30 LOTW_QSO: Successfully processed 348 QSO records in 27.325142 seconds
2010-03-29 15:19:30 LOTW_QSO: 41 QSL records entered
2010-03-29 15:19:30 LOTW_QSO: No errors encountered

2010-03-30 16:25:58 LOTW_QSO: Certificate found for WA8RXI - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (291)
2010-03-30 16:25:58 LOTW_QSO: WARNING: QSO replaces existing record
2010-03-30 16:25:58 LOTW_QSO: QSO: WA8RXI AA0NC/7 1995-11-05 11:27:00Z 40M CW
2010-03-30 16:25:59 LOTW_QSO: WARNING: QSO replaces existing record
2010-03-30 16:25:59 LOTW_QSO: QSO: WA8RXI AA0OB 1995-11-05 14:28:00Z 40M CW
^ ^
| |
| |
2010-03-30 16:26:05 LOTW_QSO: [Additional QSL notices suppressed]
2010-03-30 16:26:21 LOTW_QSO: Successfully processed 348 QSO records in 23.760755 seconds
2010-03-30 16:26:21 LOTW_QSO: 348 records were replacements
2010-03-30 16:26:21 LOTW_QSO: 41 QSL records entered
2010-03-30 16:26:21 LOTW_QSO: No errors encountered

73, Rick - N8XI

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