Re: can't find country code for callsign TX4T

Steve K8JQ

Thanks gentlemen. Made the corrections in DXKeeper to the few QSO's involved and things look ok.

I'm not enough of a DX'er to know that TX4 is associated with FO, so you saved me a bit of hassle figuring that out!


Steve K8JQ

Dave AA6YQ wrote:

AA6YQ comments below
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Set up an override in DXView for FO-F - French Polynesia. That will
make sure it's set correctly in SC, etc.

For DXKeeper where you've already logged them, just select FO-F.

Expanding slightly on Peter's advice, in each of your TX4T QSOs, either
set the QSO's DXCC selector to "FO-F" or its Entity selector to "French

If you have a lot of TX4T QSOs, you could use the Advanced window's
Modify QSO panel to update all TX4T QSOs en masse, but for a handful its as
easy to update them individually.


Dave, AA6YQ


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