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Lee Ratcliff

That works. thanks.

Now, to get a DB9 from ratshack, and take back the DB15 I grabed on mistake.


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AA6YQ comments below
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I am looking at building another CI-V interface
( I use the CI-V for PTT when using

Would building a PTT circuit (using RTS) on the same serial port as the CI-V
cause any problems?

No problem. If you're going to do that, I would suggest tbat you
1. check the "suppress CAT" box in the PTT panel on the Config window's
General tab

2. set the RTS panel on the Config window's Ports tab to "on to xmit".

Thus Commander will ignore your transceiver's ability to switch between
RX and TX via CI-V command, relying instead on the external RTS switching
circuit driven by the RTS signal. CI-V commands take time to send; as long
as you have the external interface, let Commander exploit it.

Don't forget to set the DTR panel to "always on", as your CI-V interface
uses this signal as a power supply.

I know that both functions can not be used at the same time.

checking the "suppress CAT" box as suggest above will eliminate an

The only time I would need the PTT is when using programs where CI-V is not
available, i.e. CHIP64 by IZ8BLY.

In this case, would RTS and CTS still be tied together?

If RTS (pin 7) is being used to drive the RX-TX switching circuit, it
should not be tied to CTS (pin 8). Its ok to leave pin 8 unconnected.


Dave, AA6YQ


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