OT desktop computer advise

Lee Ratcliff

I an thinking about getting a new desktop, as well as the netbook.

I will be running mostly ham radio programs (dxlabs, N1MM logger,
Multipsk, Airmail) but will also be the general all around house
computer. I do some picture editing (nothing intense), music, and of
course the internet. Not much into games, other than the older
command and conquor games.

How much performance gain will I see with the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E7500
(3MB L2, 2.93GHz, 1066FSB, over the Intel® Pentium® dual-core E5300
(2MB L2, 2.6GHz, 800FSB)? Everything else being equal.

Will the Integrated Intel® GMA x4500 Graphics do 2 monitors, with the
desktop expanded across both monitors? Would I really gain anything
with the ATI Radeon HD 4350 512MB? Unless I get new monitors also, I
would be useing VGA CRT monitors that I already have.

Do the programs I listed work well on Windows 7?

Thanks for the help.


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