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I'd also appreciate an interface to record power from the LP-100.



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ADIF does not define a field for "CW speed", but you could use a
user-defined field for this purpose.

However, WinWarbler's "QSO Info" panel does not currently let you capture
information in user-defined fields. When I implement this, I'll make it
possible to specify the current CW speed as a default value.

Thanks, Laurent.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Hi friends

Maybe am i missing something, but DXK does not seem to log the speed for
CW contacts.

When using an app-controled device (such as Winkey) this info is
available from WW.

Logging it for CW QSOs could be interesting..

Laurent, F1JKJ

NB: Logging real power would be fun, too, for those with fancy
wattmeters such as the LP-100. I realize the problem may be to know
which command to send to the wattmeter to receive something useful as an
answer, such as the "average power during last transmission" ?


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