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Hi Dave –

Thanks for the explanation.

In looking at Spot collector, I expanded all of the columns, but I didn't see a Needed field. I did right click on the spot, and can see the details as to why an entity is listed as needed, though. I guess I'm looking in the wrong place. Can you let me know where this field is located?

Thanks again!



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Hi Dave -

I just worked two new band modes, and wanted to send a QSL card in addition
to uploading the Q to LOTW. I have Initialize LoTW Sent to 'R'. Both Qs
have a red W in the appropriate box for the band mode. I have not uploaded
the Qs to LoTW yet. When I click on Add Needed in the QSL tab (2 column
labels selected), DXK processes the request, but the QSL queue remains
empty. If I click on the red W in DXView, the DXK log entry is selected.
In the DXK Award Configuration, I have all bands and modes (except AM)
checked in the WAZ Bands & Modes section, but I do not have Realtime Award
Progress checked. Recomputing has no effect. I clicked Realtime Award
Progress, and after recomputing, I now have 30 Q's in the QSL queue. In
random checking, there are some Q's listed that have already been confirmed
by LoTW. One of the two new Q's I was expecting to see is listed, but the
other isn't.

DXCC awards do not grant credit for band-mode combinations. With the
"Realtime Award Progress" disabled in the WAZ panel, you had DXKeeper's
real-time tracking mechanism configured to pursue only DXCC awards, which is
why "Add Needed" ignored your two new band-modes.

When you checked the WAZ panel's "Realtime Award Progress" box, you
configured DXKeeper's real-time tracking mechanism to pursue WAZ awards,
which count CQ zones, zone-bands, zone-modes, and zone-band-modes. If you
then clicked "Add Needed", DXKeeper populated the QSL Queue with QSOs whose
confirmation is needed for these newly-targeted WAZ awards.

LotW confirmations do not "count" for WAZ awards. eQSL confirmations with
"authenticity guaranteed" stations do count.

Now that you've configured DXKeeper's real-time tracking mechanism to
pursue WAZ awards, SpotCollector will highlight spot database entries needed
for WAZ as well as DXCC. SpotCollector provides a Needed field that
indicates why an entry is needed -- a 'D' in this field means "needed for
DXCC" and an 'Z' means "needed for WAZ"; you can also right-click a spot
datbase entry and select the "Display award tracking" menu entry.


Dave, AA6YQ

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