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Thought I'd try importing as you describe below but from a tab-delimited text file (I didn't see any reference to a comma-delimited import on the linked web page).

The import seems to work . . . excepting this curiousity . . . I have a column titled MODE and all the rows under it are filled with CW. It ignores the column. If I change the title to mode (lower case), it works. Wonder why?

On a separate but related issue, Excel puts double quotes around the comment fields when I view the exported text file in Notepad. The double quotes then show up in DXKeeper's comment field. The comment fields are Excel formulas which concatenate several other fields. Does the concatenation operator trigger the double quotes?


Steve K8JQ

aa6yq wrote:

AA6YQ comments below
--- In dxlab@..., Ian Scott <thole42@...> wrote:

Greetings! New member here. k1oIq.

I'm thinking of getting involved with this programme to use in conjunction with eQSL. But first, I have an existing log...

Can DXKeeper import an existing QSL database from eXcel?

DXKeeper cannot directly import an Excel spreadsheet, but it can import a comma-delimited file that conforms to a specific set of rules, as described in

In general, you can produce generate this comma-delimited file from your Excel spreadsheet by adding a new worksheet and populating it with formulae that put the data in the required format. If you need help with this, please let me know.

Dave, AA6YQ


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