Re: free off-site backup

Steve K8JQ

For what it's worth . . . I've used the free 2GB Mozy service for several months. Seems to me that it works as advertised.

Like Dave, I have no affiliation with Mozy other than being (so far) a satisfied user.

Steve K8JQ

Dave AA6YQ wrote:

Awhile back, I mentioned that I'd begun using "SOS Online Backup", an
off-site backup application that charges $20 annually for 2 GB of offline
storage and $30 annualy for 5 GB of offline storage. I set this up to
perform daily backups on my DXLab Development, Digital Photography, and XYL
PCs. While all of these systems are backed up nightly to a server, my data
was still vulnerable to a single catastrophe.

Unfortunately, "SOS Online Backup" has problems. The "client" application
that runs on each PC has resource leaks, takes forever to start up (around 2
minutes on my DXLab PC), and doesn't accurately report the amount of storage
in use. When I reported these problems to the company, they eventually sent
me a new version of the client that while improved in some dimensions is far
less reliable; it's great if you're a collector of stack traces.

I have begun evaluating Mozy ( and find it to be both reliable
and useable. Initially, I was put off by the fact that files within

c:\program files

could not be selected for backup, but there's a configuration option that
overrides this. The free version of Mozy gives you 2 GB -- likely more than
enough for your email, personal documents (not images), and log files. In


and look for the "MozyHome Free" box along the left margin.

For those needing more than 2 GB, unlimited storage will cost you $5/month
for one PC.

I have no affiliation with Mozy beyond being a satisfied (so far) user.


Dave, AA6YQ


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