Re: eqsl error trying to sync...

Jim McHale <mchale@...>

Thank you - It was the qth nickname... I must have defined it sometime in august...and just never resync'd....
-jim NM1W

Rich - W3ZJ wrote:

I don't see any problem with your eQSL account John and I can't
duplicate that problem from here. Make sure that your QSL Configuration
panel for eQSL does *NOT* define a QTH Nickname for your account because
your on-line account does not have a Nickname.

73, Rich - W3ZJ Support Volunteer

Jim McHale wrote:
I've had this problem for past week or so... Also it shows up in the
latest dxkeeper 8.1.5;
I can upload qsos to eqsl, but when I click "sync QSLs" I get
this error msg:
Error message from No such Username/Password found

I've checked the username password and its correct; I can login to eqsl
using them..

Anyone else seeing this issue or know of a workaround?
-jim NM1W

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