Re: Another Pathfinder/QRZ problem?

Mario Aviles <mario.aviles@...>


I tried this and now it is trasferring data from QRZ.COM to Winwarbler which is something it did not do before, however my problem now is that the info is not in the correct fields. For example, I tried my callsign and on Name I get AN on QTH I get Mario Aviles. So there is something wrong with the fields match.
Any ideas?


Mario /YS1MAE

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Subject: Re: [dxlab] Another Pathfinder/QRZ problem?

They made some changes on
Now you need to change URL on Pathfinder.
Puth this one:{TargetCallsign}
You need to change this on CONFIG, and do not forget todo the same on a QRZ botton (ctrl + left mouse botton)
GL and 73
Anela - e74ee

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Subject: [dxlab] Another Pathfinder/QRZ problem?

Please excuse me if this has already been hashed over, but I scanned through recent messages on the yahoogroup, and didn't see any mention of this problem.

I hadn't been on the rig for a few days, and Sunday evening looked to see what I could find. When starting up Pathfinder, I noticed there were a couple of updates it wanted to do. After doing those, I worked a little PSK, and when WinWarbler would try to find a name and QTH by using Pathfinder, I would get a script error from If I went to the Pathfinder window, the QRZ opening web page would be up with the target callsign in the Pathfinder window, at which time I could click on the "QRZ" button in Pathfinder, and it would go to the proper record.

I figured the PC might have something "sideways", so I rebooted the PC. After reboot and restarting the suite, I had the same problems. When trying it this morning, I don't get the script error, but QRZ still only goes to the opening page, and I get a dxlab window that pops up and says the target callsign wasn't found (xx0xx not found).

I have all the latest versions of all components of the suite.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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