Another Pathfinder/QRZ problem?

kbandy <kj9b@...>

Please excuse me if this has already been hashed over, but I scanned through recent messages on the yahoogroup, and didn't see any mention of this problem.

I hadn't been on the rig for a few days, and Sunday evening looked to see what I could find. When starting up Pathfinder, I noticed there were a couple of updates it wanted to do. After doing those, I worked a little PSK, and when WinWarbler would try to find a name and QTH by using Pathfinder, I would get a script error from If I went to the Pathfinder window, the QRZ opening web page would be up with the target callsign in the Pathfinder window, at which time I could click on the "QRZ" button in Pathfinder, and it would go to the proper record.

I figured the PC might have something "sideways", so I rebooted the PC. After reboot and restarting the suite, I had the same problems. When trying it this morning, I don't get the script error, but QRZ still only goes to the opening page, and I get a dxlab window that pops up and says the target callsign wasn't found (xx0xx not found).

I have all the latest versions of all components of the suite.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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