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Dave AA6YQ

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Hi Dave -

I did a search and modify to resend LOTW Q's that had a status of U. There
were about 300 Q's if I remember correctly. I modified the lookup Q's and
all but 3 were updated to Y. I suppose that I could have done something to
impact the QSL_S and QSL_R status, but I don't recall seeing anything that
would indicate that the entire log would be modified.

Its a good idea to make a backup before using the Advanced window's
"Modify QSOs" panel.

The next time you want to re-upload QSOs not yet accepted by LotW, try
this procedure:

1. On the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab, click the Filter panel's LotW button
(this filter's the Log Page Display to contain only QSOs uploaded but not
yet accepted by LotW)

2. On the Main window's QSL tab

2a. set the "QSL Via" panel to LotW

2b. click the "Add All" button

2c. click the "Upload to LotW" button

These instructions are now available via

I think that I sent you copies of the log that had the problem, as well as
the backup that I used to restore the data. If I'm just dreaming that I did
that, please let me know. Could be a senior moment. HI

I have not received your log or your backup.

Dave, AA6YQ

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