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Dave AA6YQ

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Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 10:19 AM
Subject: [dxlab] QSL Sent/Received Status Cleared

Hi Dave -

After running a Recompute, I noticed that my DXCC totals on the Summary
dropped from 218 to 161. On checking further, I noticed that all of the
Sent and Received selections (S, R, N...) in DXKeeper have been cleared. If
a QSL was sent or received, the date is still shown, as is the QSL method.

Have you used the "Modify QSOs" panel recently or run a script?

I'm using DXK 7.9.5, and the latest entry in the Error Log is:

29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > DXKeeper version 7.8.4
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > App.Path : C:\Program Files\DXLab
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > App.exe : DXKeeper
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > Operating System: Windows XP build 2600
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > Country : United States
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > Language : English (United States)
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > DXLab Apps : [CC,PF,DXV,SC]
29-Jun-2009 22:01:21 > program error 6 in module
DXLogModule.GetBandNameForFreq: Overflow
29-Jun-2009 22:22:47 > program error 6 in module
DXLogModule.GetBandNameForFreq: Overflow
29-Jun-2009 23:04:52 > DXKeeper shutdown

These two errorlog entries were generated by DXKeeper 7.8.5, not 7.9.5.
They show two failures to determine the name of a band (like "40m") from a
frequency; I don't think these two could be responsible for your missing
QSL_SENT and QSL_RCVD items. I reviewed the code for
DXLogModule.GetBandNameForFreq but did not find the defect, so I've added
diagnostics to the next version of DXKeeper.

Can you configure a script so that I can reset the QSL status to Sent and
Received, based on the date in the corresponding field?

I see from your later message that you were able to recover using a


Dave, AA6YQ

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