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wb2nvr <wb2nvr@...>

Problem solved.

I exported the few Q's that I had logged since the 6/30 backup, renamed my current log, opened the 6/30 backup, saved it as my current log, imported the Q's from after the 6/30 backup, did a recompute, and all is back to normal. Made a backup, and I'm back in business.

I don't have a clue as to what I did to clear all of the QSL S/R info. Glad I had a recent backup that was OK.



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Some additional information. My log backup for July 1, 2009 also has the QSL status missing, but the backup for June 30, 2009 appears to be OK. I don't recall when I upgraded DXKeeper, but I usually upgrade as soon as I notice that a new version is available.

Please let me know if you'd like me to send my 6/30 and 7/7 logs to you.

Thanks again!



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Hi Dave -

After running a Recompute, I noticed that my DXCC totals on the Summary dropped from 218 to 161. On checking further, I noticed that all of the Sent and Received selections (S, R, N...) in DXKeeper have been cleared. If a QSL was sent or received, the date is still shown, as is the QSL method.

I'm using DXK 7.9.5, and the latest entry in the Error Log is:

29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > DXKeeper version 7.8.4
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > App.Path : C:&#92;Program Files&#92;DXLab Suite&#92;DXKeeper
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > App.exe : DXKeeper
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > Operating System: Windows XP build 2600
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > Country : United States
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > Language : English (United States)
29-Jun-2009 20:45:11 > DXLab Apps : [CC,PF,DXV,SC]
29-Jun-2009 22:01:21 > program error 6 in module DXLogModule.GetBandNameForFreq: Overflow
29-Jun-2009 22:22:47 > program error 6 in module DXLogModule.GetBandNameForFreq: Overflow
29-Jun-2009 23:04:52 > DXKeeper shutdown

Can you configure a script so that I can reset the QSL status to Sent and Received, based on the date in the corresponding field?

Thanks in advance!



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