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Dave AA6YQ

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Correct - all of the Q's have the incorrect frequency listed in the log. In some cases, the frequency is missing. As of the last time I opened this log, and made a backup, everything was OK.

Are you saying that your YE8A QSO's frequency was once correct in DXKeeper, but subsequently changed to 28025 MHZ?
I use the same DXK program with 5 other logs, and all of the other's are OK. I don't know what I might have done to cause this, but all of the backups that I opened displayed the same problem. Other call signs open OK. Frequency is set to 3 decimal places.

The "Frequency precision" setting governs how frequencies are displayed in the Log Page Display; it doesn't have any affect on how frequencies are stored in the log.
Is there any way to correct the frequencies? The original log was imported from N1MM, and I still have that log.

What frequency is recorded in the N1MM-generated ADIF record for your YE8A QSO?
Correcting frequency errors like that of your YE8A QSO require dividing the frequency by 1000; there is currently no way to apply such an action to all QSOs in the Log Page Display.
Are all of the incorrect frequencies similar -- off by a factor of 1000?
In those QSOs that are missing frequencies, are frequencies specified in the N1MM-generated ADIF file that you imported?

Dave, AA6YQ

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