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One more observation. I just changed the frequency precision to 2, and the frequency on the log page changed to 10.121. I changed back to 3, and there was no change.

I just opened a .txt file for VP5RZS, and find that in most cases, a band was recorded, but not an exact frequency. There are some cases of 21025, 28.0, 28, 14175, etc. I still don't know why the frequency is displaying incorrectly, but think that if we can just delete the frequency, and leave the band info, we should be OK. I'll give that a try, but would appreciate your comments on what seems to have gone wrong.


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Dave -

I just noticed in my W2RZS log, in DXKeeper, the frequency is shown as 18.13497. In the configuration, the frequency precision is set to 3. I don't think that was always the case. Also noticed the frequency listed in SpotCollector is 14,071.0, which doesn't appear to be in the same format as DXKeeper.

Does this give you any clue?



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Correct - all of the Q's have the incorrect frequency listed in the log. In some cases, the frequency is missing. As of the last time I opened this log, and made a backup, everything was OK. I use the same DXK program with 5 other logs, and all of the other's are OK. I don't know what I might have done to cause this, but all of the backups that I opened displayed the same problem. Other call signs open OK. Frequency is set to 3 decimal places.

Is there any way to correct the frequencies? The original log was imported from N1MM, and I still have that log.


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What do you mean by "the frequency was not displayed correctly", Bob?

I did look in the ADIF file you sent me. The very first QSO -- YE8A -- has a band of 10m and a frequency of 28025 Mhz, which is incorrect; the frequency should be 28.025 Mhz. Perhaps other QSOs have this problem as well.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Hi Dave -

When I opened my log for VP5RZS to enter some QSL's, I noticed that the frequency was not displayed correctly for many (possibly all) Q's. I loaded a few backups, and they were all the same.

I'll email direct an ADIF export of the log, along with a number of backups and the Errorlog file. The backups don't have any additional Q's, just QSL information updates. DXKeeper version is 7.6.2.

If there is anything you can do to help resolve this, I'd really appreciate it. Other logs for other calls all seem to be OK.

Thanks for your help!


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