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Hi Tom -

Welcome to DXLabs, and the nicest group of hams. You'll find that DXLabs is a fantastic suite of programs, and the people on this reflector are really eager to help.

I'm using an FT-1000MP Mark V, microHam microKeyer II, DXLabs, N1MM, and a Palstar AT-Auto tuner (with CIV control) on CW, SSB, RTTY, and PSK. If you weant to compare settings, let me know when we can schedule a phone call.



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Name here is Tom Davis,  N1ZY.  I am new to DXLabs and hope this message goes only to the moderator and not to the group.  In addition,  I would like to remain or be in the moderated status until the DXLabs and N1MM Logger works with a microham Interface II modem.  The computer is a Dell Inspiration 8400 With an internal Create 24-bit Audigy sound card.  The operating system is Windows XP Pro.
The basic setup instructions are for RTTY operations with a Yaesu FT-1000 radio, Dell 8400 computer, and a microHAM Interface II modem.  The problem I experience is a steady FT-1000 RF output RTTY signal in N1MM Logger w/o  the shifting tones.  The setup appears to work with the DXLabs/Winwarbler setup. 
Any information regarding setup instructions or guidelines re searching the data bases would be appreciated.  Again,  I hope this message this limited in circulation and only goes to a moderator.  Any information or assistance would be appreciated.
Thank you ,

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