Lost Windows

wb2nvr <wb2nvr@...>

Hi Dave -

I'd appreciate your comments on the following.

I usually have all DXKeeper applications running except PropView and WinWarbler with two monitors. This morning I wasn't able to see one of the DX SpotSources, so I clicked on Reset on the DXLab Launcher to return the missing window to the main screen. That worked OK, but I also found the following screens opened: SpotCollector Statistics, an Unknown SpotCollector window (inactive), spotcollector Origin filter, Spotcollector Log Selector, SpotCollector Mode filter, Macros window, a "blank" window showing Title: (with a data entry box), and OK and Cancel buttons, IRC window, Solar & Geomagnetic Parameters, spotCollector SQL filter, spotCollector Autohide filter, Spotcollector continent Filter, spotcollector Configuration, Welcome to SpotCollector (with my location not checked), spotcollector Band filter, Pathfinder RAC settings, Pathfinder 4.5.6 loading DXC... (displaying PY ZZ),Pathfinder: downloading search library upda... title bar only(unable to expand the window),Search Editor, Pathfinder Configuration, DXView Sunrise/Sunset window (29-Mar-2009 date displayed, with no data), DXView configuration, DXView world Map (usually closed - I use DXAtlas), Blank window with only a flag in the upper right corner (black, yellow, red), DXCC Database, DXKeeper Print Preview, DXKeeper Automatic Progress Update window (displaying Recomputing progress for (and nothing else), DXKeeper Field Editor, DXKeeper configuration, DXKeeper Advanced sorts, DXKeeper Address Editor, Commander User-defined command sequence, ! Commander window (with blank text window) with note (strike the <enter> key to insert into captured message display when next message arrives),Commander:Message buffer is full (message capture has been disabled), Commander Memory Notes (with blank text window) and Insert timestamp button, Commander: Operation did not complete within expected interval (with Operation, Expected Bytes, Received Bytes, and Time all blank), Commander: Transceiver command rejected (with ccommand and Time blank), Commander Messages (with title bar displaying messages) with the Capture and display messages unchecked, and commander configuration.

I closed the extraneous windows, and pressed Reset again, and the windows returned. I'd like to confirm that this is the expected behaviour. I didn't expect closed windows to be opened by pressing Reset.

I have DXLab Launcher 1.6.5, commander 7.7.2, DXKeeper 7.6.2, DXView 3.1.8, Pathfinder 4.5.6, PropView 1.4.6, SpotCollector 4.7.8, and WinWarbler 6.3.6.


73, bob WB2NVR

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