Re: PropView 1.0.2 is available

Ron Eberson <zx@...>

YES HE WORKS DAVE thanks for it.

Is it posible to save some settings like power and wave angel of antenna?
Also on the fig you can see not the top of the 7 from 17 meters.
Can we change the size of the window from Propview so that you can see the
both DXView and Porpview on the screen compleet?

Thanks in advance and the time you take for all of us.

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Dave Bernstein [mailto:dhb@...]
Verzonden: woensdag 4 april 2001 7:23
Aan: dxlab@...
Onderwerp: [dxlab] PropView 1.0.2 is available

This release corrects the runtime error occuring on systems with a
locale that doesn't use the period character as a decimal separator.

(Ron, this should correct the problem you are encountering with

If you already have PropView 1.0.1 installed, you can upgrade by
downloading and running --
it will update your online help and install PropView102.exe, which
you can then run.


Dave, AA6YQ

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