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Hi Dave,

I'm curious why this WinWarbler update replaced mmtty.ini and USERPARA.INI. This blew away my custom profiles and other custom settings, including Received-log (capturing with time/date stamp on everything that appears in WinWarbler's RX screen). This also affected my contest software.

I do have backups of these 2 files but before I restore them I need to know if this change was because there needs to be made change made to these files because of the updates.

73 Art W2NRA
"Keep to the Code!"

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From: "Dave Bernstein" <>

This release

- exports DXCC prefixes with the ADIF tag APP_DXKEEPER_DXCC_PREFIX
(tnx to Simon HB9DRV)

- interprets a check in the "QSO Info" panel's eQSL box to mean that
the callsign is an Authenticity Guaranteed member of

- accepts eQSL AG "lookup" information from DXView and DXKeeper, and
highlights callsigns that are Authenticity Guaranteed members of

- updates the Logging.htm and Macros.htm documentation files

WinWarbler 6.2.6 is available via the DXLab Launcher or via



Dave, AA6YQ

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