Re: PropView 1.0.1

Dave Bernstein <dhb@...>

Thanks, Ron. "98" and "Dutch version" was what I needed to know. I'll
get on it this evening.


Dave, AA6YQ

--- In dxlab@y..., "Ron Eberson" <zx@c...> wrote:
Dave he give's also in the window error 13
type mismatch is this a info for you?

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Onderwerp: [dxlab] Re: PropView 1.0.1


I tested this release on three different versions of windows: NT
98SE, and Win2K. My guess is that you are running a European
and that one of PropView's date or time routines is failing in this
environment and creating the runtime error.

Please tell me what version of Windows you are running, and which
European locale you have chosen. Hopefully I can replicate and then
repair the problem tonite.

PropView uses the same Help viewing mechanism as the other DXLab
applications -- in fact it uses the same code module. So I'm not
why PropView is failing, but will look into it.


Dave, AA6YQ

--- In dxlab@y..., "Ron Eberson" <zx@c...> wrote:

Helo all.

I have install the 1.01 version of PropView.

I have the next problem.

1. When i click the Predict button the next mesagge
show: Error 13 Run
time error.
2. If i click the help button i have a screen for DOS and and
must put a
3. I have also if i click the Config button the same error 13
4. I can not save my Antenna degrees and my output power.
5. The DXView give the long and lat super on DXProp.

Who can help me.


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