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Hey Art, me too (Extra test in 1980). April 9, 1980 I went to the Varick St FCC office in Manhattan with a good friend of mine, Grant Mitchell, N4GM SK, ex-KA2DIV. I had met Grant on the air. as my 4th QSO as a Novice in 1979. We both got our Novice Licenses in January 1979. He moved to Florida and passed away in 2005. He was a great CW operator!

73 Art W2NRA
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In 1980 when I passed my Extra at the Tampa FCC office, I was
given /TP to append to my calls until I received my new license.

Obviously, by today's rules, you can being operating with your
newest privileges as soon as your new status appears in the FCC ULS

Can't remember when the "/city" suffix practice was discontinued,
but I'll bet it was a long time ago.

Art - N4PJ

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Dave I seem to remember something about "temporary" calls that
consisted of the hams previous call, with a stoke and a suffix
indicating the PLACE where the test was given. IE WN5URK/SEA
= Seattle! That might cause a probelm? I believe I heard a lot
of those overseas, during one period (think it was between 68-75 but
not sure.)
Danny Douglas
All 2 years or more (except Novice)
Pls QSL direct, buro, or LOTW preferred,
I Do not use, but as a courtesy do upload to eQSL for
those who do.
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It may in fact be accurate! Just yesterday, I Imported my log
found that the program would not accept TO7TZE, TO5M, TO1A,
TO6T, and several other prefixes.

>>>Whatever application created the ADIF file you imported
failed to
include a DXCC tag with each of those QSOs. The DXCC tag
the DXCC entity; without it, DXKeeper cannot know what DXCC
entity to
record with each QSO because the TO prefix is ambiguous. When
say "the program would not accept...", you mean "DXKeeper
these QSOs but flagged them as broken", correct? When you view
one of
these QSOs on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab, its country code
is flashing red. Specify the correct DXCC entity and click the
button, and all will be well.

Also, the program would not accept USA calls that end
with /AG, /AA,
etc. which were assigned temporarily by the FCC when individuals
passed their upgrades and were permitted to operate with
priviledges during the time the exam was passed and when the new
ticket (with or without new call) was issued.

>>>If you import QSOs with US stations that end with /AG or /AA,
these QSOs will be imported correctly if they include a DXCC tag
described above. If not, they will be flagged as broken;
manually set
their DXCC entity to USA, and all will be well.

>>>Most logging applications do include a DXCC tag in each


Dave, AA6YQ

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