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Dave, I think this only partially covers backing up SQLs. You're assuming that all of the SQLs that Art created are in the 16 setup within DXKeeper. I store many more than that in DXKeeper's Script folder. So, savings registry settings isn't going to get those SQLs. I have my computer set to automatically backup the entire DXLab Suite folder to a USB drive everyday. I also have DXKeeper set to backup my database to that same drive every time I close the program.

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After learning more and more slick stuff with SQLs, I now have my
filters so advanced I have to wear a seat belt when I fire up DXLabs!

It dawned on me a couple of days ago - is there any way to back up all
those SQLs so a change of PCs or a (gasp!) crash won't obliterate

Yes: on the Launcher's Config window, you can save each application's
settings to a file, from which those settings can later be restored. Be sure
the file is included in your regular backups.


Dave, AA6YQ

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