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Danny, I agree:
The SpotCollector capability to click on a "need", QSY my OMNI VI+ to their QRG with Commander, work them, log the QSO in DXKeeper, upload it to LOTW with DXKeeper and then have a confirmation in minutes is just unbelievable... the fact that P5, BS7, TX5C, 3Y0X, ZL8R, and other rare ones are confirmed in LOTW is great, but I'm enjoying getting the LOTW confirmations quickly from VE, VK, G, F, DL and all the other easy to work but postage expensive, bureau delayed first 100 countries.
LZ and FG were just confirmed when I sync'd DXKeeper with LOTW! And the service provided that updates LOTW participants, claims some 29 thousand plus operators/stations. My fun meter is pegged and my interest in DX is renewed with opportunities...AND DX IS!

73 & DX,

Gary - AB9M

From: Danny Douglas
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Hey, this past weekend, I worked a bunch of stations in the contest. I picked them out on SpotCollector, as being in the LOTW database as users, and worked about 40 or so that I had never worked their calls before. I immediately, the night the contest was over, uploaded my daily LOTW upload, and received 17 confirmations back. Cant get much better than that. ARRL is going to have a new LOTW DXCC program this coming year, and that just may give a boost to the LOTW users situation.

Danny Douglas
All 2 years or more (except Novice)
Pls QSL direct, buro, or LOTW preferred,
I Do not use, but as a courtesy do upload to eQSL for
those who do.
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Yes, the cost of traditional QSLing has really gone up as has the cost of getting those "new ones" on the air and confirmed (donations from the deserving). That's one reason I'm working on a PSK-31 and LOTW DXCC just to see how inexpensive getting there will be. Of course the costs of cards and postage aren't there but there will be a LOTW credit fee for each accredited contact. I'm grateful to Dave, AA6YQ for his DXLab Suite that has made this "project" possible; DXKeeper with its LOTW capabilities has really made it easy for me to take logbook and QSL card information upload it to LOTW and keep track of DXCC band/mode "score".

73 & DX,

Gary - AB9M

From: Paul M Dunphy
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 6:44 PM
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At 09:25 PM 11/1/2008, you wrote:

I calculated that it cost me just under $10,000 in QSL'ing costs over 27years to confirm enough credits for the 2500 Challenge endorsement. DXCC award chasing is not an inexpensive game. I could have bought an Alpha 9500 for less money.

Nelson, KU0A

Exactly Nelson! I just stuffed $3USD into an envelope for a band country - it's going to Germany so the return postage is well over $2USD. And . . . we in Canada have to pay $1.60 for an overseas stamp, so you don't have much left of a $5 to confirm a band country. Over the years I got some good ones via the buro, and LoTW has got me a few, but let's say they averaged $3 each. $3 X 2500 = $7,500! That doesn't count the registered mail to and from the ARRL plus all the processing fees. I would expect you are darn close on your $10,000 figure.

We all don't have to go after every award the DXCC offers, but those who do would probably be better off not doing that calculation! On the flip side, having the Alpha 9500 might get you more QSOs, but down deep we all want to see our calls in the listings too. The killer is the postage increases, dead-beat QSLers or postal systems that mean multiple tries and a dozen other costs associated with QSLing. I never figured it out before. $10K. That's half a car!

I guess we can justify it by amortising it across 20+ years, but it still is a good load of money. I'd have guessed $2K, not $10K, but your figures seem a lot more realistic.

73/DX Paul VE1DX


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