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Richard B Drake


I had figured that out, but it took a while. I think that is an
excellent explanation.

However, I assume that this all means nothing with record breaking
solar flares, geomagnetic storm conditions and proton bombardment.
Honestly, we have the best solar flux of cycle 23 and we are being
simultaneously attacked by band closing sun monsters :-)

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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Subject: [dxlab] Interpreting PropView Graphs

After generating a prediction for propagation between
two locations,
check "Show Critical Frequencies" and uncheck "Show Open Bands".

The black curve represents the lowest useable frequency
(LUF) as a
function of time. Any frequency lower than the black
curve will not
support communications due to absorption.

The blue, green, and red curves provide a statistical
range for the
maximum useable frequency (MUF) as a function of time.
The actual MUF
will be at or above the blue curve with 90% confidence,
at or above
the green curve with 50% confidence, and at or above
the red curve
with 10% confidence. Any frequency above the actual MUF
will not
support communications, due to insufficient reflection.

So at any specified time, you can identify which
frequencies will
likely support communication between the specified
locations: they
are bounded on the low-end by the black curve, and on
the high-end by
the statistical range between the blue and red curves.
You can use
the green curve as a kind of "expected MUF" curve;
being an optimist,
I tend to use the red curve for this purpose.

To make it easier to see what ham bands are open when, uncheck
the "Show Critical Frequencies" box and check "Show
Open Bands".
Horizontal lines represent ham bands lying between the LUF and
statistical MUF. The thickist lines indicates openings
based on the
90% confidence MUF (the blue curve), and the thinnest
lines indicate
openings based on the 10% confidence MUF (the red curve).

If you now check "Show Critical Frequencies", the relationship
between horizontal lines and critical frequency curves
should be

Suggested corrections, improvements, and/or
clarifications to the
above would be appreciated; I'll incorporate the result
into the
online help.


Dave, AA6YQ

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I have now also installed PropView and I am afraid I can not
reproduce any of your symptoms. It seems to be
working fine though
I am still trying to learn how to interpret the
graphs. If I were
you, I would first try simply rebooting, that often cures all
kinds of unknown problems. If that fails to help, try
re-installing PropView. What operating system are you
running and
what is your machine, speed/memory etc.?

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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Subject: [dxlab] PropView 1.0.1

Helo all.

I have install the 1.01 version of PropView.

I have the next problem.

1. When i click the Predict button the next mesagge
show: Error 13 Run
time error.
2. If i click the help button i have a screen for
DOS and and must put a
3. I have also if i click the Config button the
same error 13
4. I can not save my Antenna degrees and my output
5. The DXView give the long and lat super on

Who can help me.


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