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I just remembered it was NOT System Restore but Back-up Restore from a USB Simple Drive that caused my problem with VISTA. Still the complete uninstall of DXLab (after saving the log file) and a clean install in the ADMIN folder made everything work. While I agree with others comments about the security issues / risks of running under ADMIN, I'll accept the risks in order to use all the features of DXLab.

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While RESTORE may bring back the MDB files, its going to also restore many other files. Make sure you save your recovered log file in a safe place. If you have the same VISTA experience as I, most likely you'll wind up uninstalling DXLab Suite from all folders of your computer and then find you can't reinstall it because there are recovered uninstall files now in place. But there is a solution, Dave has put a link to a freeware uninstaller at the wiki site.

Gary - AB9M

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WA2BCK wrote:
Dear All,
After downloading several updates to DXkeeper, I seem to have lost my log
book. The .mdb file contains zero QSOs. Does anyone have any idea what
happened and how to recover my log?
Did you keep a backup of your log in the DXKeeper Backup directory? If
you aren't sure where they might be, go to DXKeeper's Config/Log tab.
There you will find the directory locations listed for your log and the

Have you done a search for *.mdb for all the drives on your system?
With any luck, you will find a copy of wa2bck.mdb that will have your
log info intact.

I would like to be able to revert back to a release toward the end of May
which is the latest known app version that I saw my 2500 or so QSO's. I am
currently at version 6.9.3. Can you help revert with a procedure on how to
go backwards in app version? Thanks for all help!


You might try using Windows wonderful "Restore" function if you discover
that your log contents have truly disappeared and you neglected to have
a backup.

Once you have your logbook data back, instead of reverting to an earlier
version of DXKeeper, you should upgrade to the latest version which will
allow you to have a backup of your logbook created once each day that
you open it.

I hope that you recover your data without too much difficulty.



Ken K4XL

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