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Art Searle W2NRA <w2nra@...>

I still can't believe Hams are still buying computers with Vista. You can still buy them with XP!!! I just ordered one today!!!

73 Art W2NRA
"Keep to the Code!"

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From: "Richard B. Drake" <rich@...>

Solving security issues by requiring everyone to log on and operate
full time as Administrator is rather comical and well deserving of
Jerry Seinfled's mentality.

However, it seems like we also have tail fins and color-coordinated
accessories. In looking at a recent Dell ad for back to school
laptops I was amazed to see that you can now buy a laptop in almost
any color. You can make mine any color you like (except pink) as
long as I can reformat the hard drive and install Windows XP on it :-)

73, Rich - W3ZJ

At 04:07 PM 8/21/2008, you wrote:

Microsoft's new TV advertising campaign for Vista will feature Jerry
Seinfeld -- an obvious response to Apple's lethal "Mac vs. Vista" ads.

When I first got into CPU design back in the early 1970s, I wondered if
computer manufacturers would some day be reduced to differentiating their
products in the way that automobile manufacturers did, e.g. with tail fins
and color-coordinated accessories. But I never dreamed that it would come
down to duelling comedians!


Dave, AA6YQ

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