Re: beacon spots- THEY ARE BACK

CSM\(r\) Gary Huber - AB9M

The CSM(r) is most likely what you think it is.... see AB9M at QRZ.COM. It gave me the opportunity to go to some interesting places from the late sixties to the early nineties including HR during IRAN-Contra..

Also during the latter part of that period my civilian career gave me the opportunity to go home to work a new one, or take vacation or sick time to work the DXpedition if the spots showed up on my terminal at work (a DXSpider node was part of my R&D experiment at work).

73 and DX,

Gary - AB9M

From: Art
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glhuber@... wrote:
Re: Beacon Spots.... I'm guilty of making a few Beacon Spots. But I do find them useful when trying to determine actual propagation conditions to a specific part of the World. I use the SH/MUF <prefix> on the DX Cluster, use PropView, and listen for the Beacon... I don't see the Beacon Spots having much value in the SpotCollector database though.

73 and DX,

Gary - AB9M
Re my email about "useless beacon spots" what I meant to say, and should
have, is they're not useful to me. Hopefully we all recognize they're
useful to SOMEone in radio land, else the beacons probably would not
exist! I use the NCDXF beacon network all the time these days on 12M,
because that is the only HF band left where I haven't yet reached 100
confirmed. I hear some beacons, but no DX. It's my choice not to spot
beacons heard since any interested party can tune them in as well, while
recognizing others like yourself may not feel the same. And, I probably
should act differently, for those who can't be near a receiver as in
when at work, who might find spots useful. I recall earlier days I went
home from work just to work a DX station back when we had the phone
spotting network.

Is CSM(r) what I think it means?

73 Art

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