DX reporting using WinWarbler

CSM\(r\) Gary Huber - AB9M

I've added a spot cluster <spot_cluster> macro to WinWarbler which allows me to click on a callsign on the Stations Heard window to move it to QSO Info Receive Pane and then spot it to the DX Cluster using SpotCollector.

In SpotCollector, I've added the macro "SH/DX by <callsign>" (SH/DX by AB9M) to the DX Cluster panel so that I can display DX spots that I've made with the WinWarbler spot_cluster macro. Then I "cut" the spots from the DX Cluster and "paste" them into a QSN Report which I submit to Carl Smith <dxadmin@...>.

I'm finding PSK-31 DXing to be enjoyable, interesting, and productive using the DXLab Suite. Please spot and report PSK-31 DX. Thanks.

Best regards,

CSM(r) Gary Huber - AB9M
9679 Heron Bay Rd
Bloomington, IL 61705

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