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CSM\(r\) Gary Huber - AB9M

Hi Dave,

I checked the times and they are correct - showing the correct UTC in both DXView and DXKeeper. The PropView chart is correct for current time and all aspects, (LUF MUF, band openings, day and night periods) except for the two Solar colors being reversed on the "You" and the "DX" Solar indication bars. The Solar Colors Box shows day = and night =. It is using IONCAP for the calculation. NOT a big problem, but I was curious if Vista had somehow swapped the colors used on the "You" and the "DX" Solar indication bars.

And by the way I'm now running DXLab under Vista Home Basic in the Administrator folder as Administrator.

73 & DX,


From: Dave AA6YQ
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Subject: RE: [dxlab] PropView 1.4.4 Solar Colors

I just tried this, and the day/night indicators worked correctly. Take a
look at the UTC time in the title bar of DXKeeper's or DXView's Main window;
is it correct?


Dave, AA6YQ

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I just ran several Propagation Predictions using PropView 1.4.4 and was
having some problems trying to figure out the daylight and dark portions
until I realized the Solar Colors are reversed; currently shows Black for
day and Yellow for night in both "You" and "DX" .

Is it a "bug" or do I have a mis-configuration?

Best regards,

CSM(r) Gary Huber - AB9M
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