Re: can I 'create' a contest ID?

Dave AA6YQ

If with "Contest mode" enabled you type a callsign into the Capture window
and strike the Enter key, the Main window's Log Page Display will show all
QSOs made with that callsign during the current contest; any QSO whose band
and mode matches those in the Capture window will be highlighted in red
font. If you're logging via WinWarbler's "QSO Info" panel, the word DUP!
will also appear in red font.

QSOs are only considered duplicates if their modes match exactly. Thus if
you've worked me on 20m RTTY and later double-clicked on my 20m PSK31
signal, you would not be warned of the impending duplicate QSO.


Dave, AA6YQ

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I didn't ask the question correctly
What I meant was...
Could I assign parameters that the contest would allow me to work the same
once in each band in all three modes
and then once I worked aa6yq on 20 cw, digital, phone
warn me not to dupe him late.

sort of like a qso party rules
except few qso parties allow all three modes

On 7/23/2008 6:17:09 PM, Dave AA6YQ (aa6yq@...) wrote:
Yes. You can type whatever you like into the "Contest ID" selector on the
window's Contest tab. With "Contest Mode" enabled, each newly-created
QSO will have its Contest item initialized to this "Contest ID", whether
logging via the Capture window or via the Main
window's "Log QSOS"


Dave, AA6YQ

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I looked through the wiki and didn't
see that you can 'create' a contest

Upcoming FlexRadio QSO Party
usual hf bands
3 pts for working another flex radio
(you can work the same station on each mode)
1 pt each, for working a non flex radio
again 3 mode qsos permeitted.

pse and tu

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