Re: can I 'create' a contest ID?

FireBrick <w9ol@...>

I didn't ask the question correctly
What I meant was...
Could I assign parameters that the contest would allow me to work the same station
once in each band in all three modes
and then once I worked aa6yq on 20 cw, digital, phone
warn me not to dupe him late.

sort of like a qso party rules
except few qso parties allow all three modes

On 7/23/2008 6:17:09 PM, Dave AA6YQ (aa6yq@...) wrote:
Yes. You can type whatever you like into the "Contest ID" selector on the
window's Contest tab. With "Contest Mode" enabled, each newly-created
QSO will have its Contest item initialized to this "Contest ID", whether
logging via the Capture window or via the Main
window's "Log QSOS"


Dave, AA6YQ

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I looked through the wiki and didn't
see that you can 'create' a contest

Upcoming FlexRadio QSO Party
usual hf bands
3 pts for working another flex radio
(you can work the same station on each mode)
1 pt each, for working a non flex radio
again 3 mode qsos permeitted.

pse and tu

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