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I am not sure there is adequate "value added" to this compared to the increase in processing required.

Jose - N1BAA

Dave AA6YQ wrote:

This could be implemented, but would increase the processing required for
each new spot database entry.
Why is the spotting station's DXCC entity of interest?
Dave, AA6YQ
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This is so obvious that it has bound to have been requested before but
I couldn't find it.
In SpotCollector when you hover over Callsign with your cursor you are
told which continent the spot came from. Hovering over Pfx tells you
the name of the entity of the spotted call.
Could you do the same for the Source as for Pfx? As you hover over the
Source's callsign your told which entity the spot was made from.
Yes, this is trivial but it would make me happy (hi).
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