Re: WinWarbler intercharacter spacing

Dave AA6YQ

When using a WinKey, settings in the Weight panel on the Config
window's CW tab let you control dot weight, dash weight, and inter-
word spacing. Control over inter-element and inter-character spacing
is only available if WinWarbler itself is generating the CW.


Dave, AA6YQ

--- In dxlab@..., Steve <steve65@...> wrote:

I'm using WinWarbler and WinKeyer to generate CW. Is there a way to
adjust intercharacter and interword spacing? I looked in the
configuration for both WinWarbler and WinKeyer but didn't find

No doubt the spacing is computer perfect, but it seems to me that
in the
20-25WPM range, the sending sounds choppy because of intercharacter
spacing being too long. If you get up around 30wpm it sounds about

Steve K8JQ

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