Spotless Spotcollector

Bob <k3mq@...>

I setup a new computer today and installed all the applications of
DxLab. I've been using the program for several years. Everything is
working fine except Spotcollector 4.4.2. >> no spots of any kind.

My telnet dxcluster works fine - green light on - and I can see spots
rolling into the small telnet window, but nothing shows on my
Spotcollector screen. I can even send spots successfully.

I've got all my filters wide open so I should see every spot for every
band, mode, continent, and origin. I have no special filters running
such as "need", "lotw", etc. I've used the program extensively and
know how to turn off filters that would limit the display.

I have compared the settings on the old computer to the new and can
find no differences.


Bob - K3MQ

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