Re: FSK problem

Lee Ratcliff

LOL My fingers arnt working well today.

I am attempting to use the TXD line for FSK. Anytime the computer attempts
to access the TXD line through the rigmate interface, I get the error


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From: Dave AA6YQ
Date: 5/11/2008 12:16:52 PM
To: dxlab@...
Subject: RE: [dxlab] FSK problem

That sounds like a configuration problem, Art.

When you say "Anytime I try to access the TNX
Line, I get an error that says ("Cannot open Comport 3)",

1. what's a TNX line?

2. How are you attempting to access it?

In order to run transmit with FSK, you need a way to convey the outgoing FSK

Signal to you rig. This requires a level converter that is driven by one of
Three serial port signals: TXD, RTS, or DTR.

To what serial port is your RIGMATE connected, and which of the above three
Modem control signals is used to generate the FSK signal?


Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: [dxlab] FSK problem

Using Winwarbler, I can not get FSK to work. Anytime I try to access the TNX

Line, I get an error that says ("Cannot open Comport 3". Does this sound
Like a common problem with the computer, or the interface? I am using a

Believe it or not, this computer does have an actual serial port. I might
End up just using it for PTT and FSK.

Any ideas?



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